BCU, Washington State University

Graphic and Template Designer

BCU stands for Biomedical Communications Unit and they are in charge of printing posters. BCU can design and print any banner or poster. Using Microsoft PowerPoint, they allow people to send in their files and have things printed on a large format printer on any material. I was fortunate to work with the team at BCU and help design templates for their website. 

I used Illustrator and PowerPoint to help design templates in the correct size so students could download the PowerPoint file and place their information. I also worked on resizing any logos that they might need. If logos were not available, I would reach out to the company or school to get access to the correct logo with the correct pixel size. I designed over 50 templates for students to use with the correct size and logos for print production. 


Be sure to check out their website to see my work in action at http://bcu.vetmed.wsu.edu/posters/how-tos