Marketing Coordinator at Esquin Wine and Spirits

  • Using MailChimp to send weekly newsletters and bi-monthly newsletters

  • Scheduling and managing special events and tastings as well as developing promotion strategies for those events

  • Development of assets needed for website design, email campaigns, digital content, and promotional materials.

  • Manage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging.

Rose All Day Event

Rose all day was the most recent event at Esquin Wine and Spirits. We hosted an all day of Rose tasting. It is one of the largest events of the year. 


To promote this, I developed digital content for social media posts as well as created a Facebook event to promote the tasting. With that promotion on Facebook, the event reached over 3,000 people, with 39 post engagements and 26 link clicks in one week. Since this was the first event on Facebook, I am hoping to exceed these goals for other tasting events. 


With creating more content that connects with the audience, there has already been an increase in page views and page likes on Esquin Wine. 

Mollydooker Wine

Another tasting that I created content for as well as promoted was the Mollydooker Wine tasting. This is an organic campaign that I created and did not boost the event through Facebook ads.  Using Twitter and Facebook through Hootsuite, I am able to create multiple posts and scheduled posts for the event. 


Including this event in the weekly newsletter as well as other social media platforms has helped engagement since I created the event. In one week this event has reached 250 people, 76 people have viewed the event and 13 responses. 

Scotch with Chocolate and Cheese Tasting

Craig Bridger is a Single Malt Specialist that came to Seattle for his first event in the Pacific Northwest. He went into detail about the Dalmore collection and paired the Scotch with Chocolate and Cheese. For this event, I did lots of promotion through emails, Hootsuite which included Twitter and Facebook. 


The event did so well that we had a waiting list of 40 people!

MailChimp Email

With the Facebook promotion, posts and scheduled content, I sent out an email through MailChimp to the Esquin list of subscribers and from there we filled the event with the max amount of people (40) and we had an additional 40 on the waitlist!


Part of my job is to run the blog for Esquin! Check it out here:

Pop-up Event: Sterling Vineyards

Harry Hansen is a winemaker from California that came to Esquin from Sterling Vineyards, one of the landmark wineries of Napa Valley.

Internationally known, Sterling Vineyards is one of the most visited wineries in Napa Valley. Modeled after a Greek monastery, the winery sits 300 feet above the valley floor where visitors take an aerial tram to access the top quality Bordeaux varietals and majestic 360-degree views of Napa Valley.

Sterling Vineyards was founded in 1964 by Sir Peter Newton, a British Knight, and Oxford scholar. With a fondness for Bordeaux varietals, Sir Newton realized the potential in Calistoga, Napa Valley for growing excellent Merlot and bottled the first single varietal Merlot in 1969. Sterling Vineyards quickly put Napa on the map for creating top quality wines.

The winery itself is an architectural icon in Napa Valley. Modeled after a Greek monastery, Sterling Vineyards was the first winery ever built with the visitor in mind and the only winery in the world with an aerial tram. Today, Sterling is one of the most visited wineries in Napa Valley and one of the largest landowners in Napa, which provides an immense opportunity for crafting world-class wines.

Content Marketing

Part of my job as the Marketing Coordinator is creating a consistent brand image, shoot photos of the store and team members during events or day-to-day activities to showcase the wine and eccentric team, and create a photography library to use for social media posts!