Two days in LA


Welcome to my blog. Here I will be posting photo diaries of each adventure. Last weekend I went to Los Angeles with my two friends to visit the city!

SeaTac Airport

We started our first day in LA with a studio tour of Warner Brothers. Highly recommend this tour because you get to sit on the FRIENDS couch, learn more about the behind the scenes activities, and get a better understanding of your favorite movies and TV shows. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable and so fun to talk to. His name was Isaac and he pointed out all of the FRIENDS scenes that we love, he told us that the last major production on Hennessy Street (New York back lot) was The Greatest Showman, which is a movie we all love dearly. The most amazing part of this experience was learning about how this studio does anything for art. Anything can be burned down, demolished, redone, as long as it is restored to its original construction.

The top row consists the photos of the Ellen sound stage and set, and then the Batman exhibit. The Batman exhibit continues to the second row then turns into Hennessy Street. On Hennessey Street there are so many New York scenes filmed here throughout history. Including the1982 Annie, The Greatest Showman, ER, and I could name a million more, but basically all you need to know is that many films are made here on this street. We also got to see the "Central Park" and that is where Phoebe runs crazy in the park. Parts of Jurassic park were filmed in the jungle. They had the Gellar's house from FRIENDS and it is The One With The Prom Video where Ross comes down the stairs to take Rachel to the Prom but Rachel's date has already arrived. Then there is the park where they filmed Red Ross, the La La Land set, it is the coffee house that Emma Stone's character works at. We also got to see the set of Ellen's show which was pretty amazing. The last photo is the studio recreated set of Central Perk.

After the Warner Brother tour, we took a Lyft to Venice Beach to explore that area and Santa Monica.

Something we loved about Venice Beach was the art work that was on every wall. We explored the Venice Canals, had dinner with one of Taylor's friends, and then headed to Santa Monica to explore the Santa Monica Pier.

Saturday morning, we go up and went to the Getty Museum, and then the Broad museum as well as the LACMA. The only part of the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) were the collection of street lamps known from many movies. The movie that I recognized the lights from was No Strings Attached. Something we didn't get to see was the Getty Villa which is on my bucket list, as well as the infinity mirrors at the Broad.

After the museums, we headed to In N Out for my first burger experience there on Sunset Blvd. After that we roamed the streets of Hollywood Blvd, the Chinese Theater, and then we took a Lyft to the Griffith Observatory.

And that is the end of the LA trip! If you have any questions or comments on this post please let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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